Gravetye Manor | Schöner Wohnen Spezial


The Garden of Gravetye Manor is one of the most important gardens in the history of English horticulture. The country house in Sussex was the home of one of the most influential gardeners of the 19th century. William Robinson, the father of the „English Flower Gardens“, lived in Gravetye Manor from 1884 until he died in 1935. He designed the garden, which exists in it´s structure until today.

Nowadays, Gravetye Manor is a first class hotel and a star restaurant run by George Blogg. Tom Coward, the chief gardener, takes care of the garden since 2010. Tom develops the ideas of Robinson further with great passion. The very large garden, with old trees, wild flowers and perennials, is divided into several themes. For example there are a „Flower Garden“ and a „Kitchen Garden“. In the flower Garden are many beautiful places to sit down for a cup of tea. Benches and tables made of wood or stone are placed under old gnarled trees, wildflowers and perennials grow along the walls. From the Flower Garden you have an amazing view over the wide valley.