Japan in Düsseldorf | Stern


A shallow breeze is blowing over the temple garden of the Eko house. It is quite over here – at the „Rheine-Land“ garden between rocks and maple trees. While the Paramita celebration chants from the Buddhist temple are slowly fading tea master Soshin Kuramoto is preparing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony for visitors in the nearby guest house. We are not in Tokio on Honshu, Japan‘s largest island, but in Düsseldorf (Germany). Here we find the third largest Japanese community in Europe with roughly 6,000 people. Yoshimatsu Hidenori is selling priced porcellan goods and Ikebana accessories in his store „Kyoto“ at Immermannstrasse. At the Hotel Nikko Sushi master Shigeru Fujii will prepare an extraordinary dinner and lateron we are moving downstairs when the „Limelight“ opens its doors in the basement. Here you can rent small Karaoke boxes with a vast amount of Japanese songs.