Yeo Valley´s Organic Garden


Yeo Valley´s Organic Garden, Holt Farm

Sarah Meads garden is embedded between the gently formed hills of Somerset, close to the Blagdon Lake. It´s a wonderful spacious garden, grown for years, amid the Yeo Valley Family Farm, an organic dairy farm, runs by Sarahs husband Tim Mead. 20 years ago Sarah met Tim in London, where she was working as a dancer. They married and moved to Somerset in the southwest of England. Tim leads the family-owned business Yeo Valley Family Farm and became very popular with the production of yoghurt. It´s the 100% organic Yeogurt, the top seller of organic yoghurt in England.

The garden ist open for visitors and is designed in different issues. Head gardener Andi Strachan and her team take care of the organic garden. Within sight to Sarahs garden the cows are out to grass. Even on the cow pasture grow herbs and vegetables to feed the cows healthy.